Any photos from when we organised races are on the race pages on this website, similarly Yorkshire fell photos. Click on the menu tabs above.
But we have always liked to get out and watch lots of other races too, and take pictures, so here they are.

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1st November Baildon Boundary Way Trail Half Marathon race - Interval starts Covid restrictions
Winners & The Finish album 1
The Finish album 2
7 mile mark
A few along Leeds & Liverpool canal bank
13 miles mark album 1
13 miles mark album 2
24th October Bingley Autumn Handicap race
Camera 1 - Winners & The Finish
Camera 2 - Run to Finish
Camera 2 - The Climb
Camera 1 - The Run out
13th September Yorkshireman Marathon race - Interval starts Covid restrictions
Camera 1
Camera 2
13th September Yorkshireman Half Marathon race - Interval starts Covid restrictions
Camera 1 Outward
Camera 2 Outward
Camera 1 The Return
Camera 2 The Return
Saturday 8th August Podium 5k races, Barrowford, Lancs - Under Covid restrictions
Men Elite - Camera 1
Men Elite - Camera 2
Women Elite - Camera 1
Women Elite - Camera 2
Men Sub 15.15 Minute - Camera 1
Men Sub 15.15 Minute - Camera 2
Men Sub 16 Minute - Camera 1
Men Sub 16 Minute - Camera 2
Sub 17.30 Minute - Camera 1
Sub 17.30 Minute - Camera 2
Sub 19 Minute - Camera 1
Sub 19 Minute - Camera 2
Sunday 15th March Spen 20 mile Road race
At 6 miles
Near 7 miles
At 12 miles
At 16 miles
Saturday 14th March Haworth Hobble Fell race
Run out of Haworth
Run to Bronte Bridge
Top of Stairs Lane
The Cobbles of Stairs Lane
Wedsnesday 11th March West Yorkshire XC Games Finals races
School Groups
Year 6 Boys
Year 6 Girls
Year 5 Boys
Year 5 Girls
Year 4 Boys
Year 4 Girls
Year 3 Boys
Year 3 Girls
Sunday 8th March Red Hot Toddy 10k Road race
Winners & The Finish
Run into Finish
Splashing on Lap 1
Splashing on Lap 2
Tha Park Lap 1
The Park Lap 2
Fun Run
Saturday 7th March British Inter County XC Championship races
Senior Men
Senior Women
Saturday 7th March Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round Fell race
Album 1
Album 2
Sunday 1st March Ilkley Moor Senior Fell race - Junior races Cancelled
Winners & The Finish
By the Tarn
After the Tarn
Climbing Backstone Beck
Run to the finish album 1
Run to the finish album 2
Sunday 23rd February Stainland West Yorkshire League race
Winners, Finish & club groups
First Loop
Outward through the woods
Run outwards
Return Through the woods album 1
Return through the woods album 2
Sunday 16th February Liversedge Half Marathon race
Splashing at 3 mile
3 mile
11 mile
The Winners & Finish
Saturday 15th February 77th Cliffe Castle parkrun
Start, Laps & The Finish
Saturday 8th February Todmorden Moorland Mini Marathon event
Saturday 8th February Windy Hill Fell race
Climbing Roman Road to Blackstone Edge album 1
Climbing Roman Road to Blackstone Edge album 2
On Blackstone Edge album 1
On Blackstone Edge album 2
Saturday 1st February Wadsworth Trog Fell race
To checkpoint 4 album 1
To checkpoint 4 album 2
Saturday 25th January Northern XC Championship races at Bedale
Senior Men - Start & lap 1
Senior Men - Winners, Lap 1 & 2
Senior Women
Junior Men
Junior Women
Sunday 19th January Queensbury West Yorkshire XC Winter League race
Winners & Club groups
The Start
Lap 1
In the Woods
Lap 2
To the finish album 1
To the finish album 2
Saturday 18th January Cliffe Castle parkrun
Start & Finish Fun
Top of the Hill
The Laps
Wednesday 15th January Bradford Schools XC Championship races
Senior, Inter Girls & Senior Boys
Inter Boys
Junior Girls
Year 7 & Junior Boys
Year 7 Girls
Sunday 12th January Stanbury Splash Senior & Junior Fell races
Senior race Run out on Bronte Falls track
Senior race Before the descent
Senior race The last climb
Senior race Return to Penistone Hill album 1
Senior race Return to Penistone Hill album 2
U9 race
U11 - U19 The Start & Quarry Descent
U11 - U19 The Run out & Finish
Saturday 4th January Yorkshire XC Championship races
Senior Men & MU20 The Start & Lap 1
Senior Men & MU20 Winners, Laps & Club groups
Senior Women & WU20 The Start & album 1
Senior Women & WU20 Winners & album 2
Senior Women & WU20 album 3
MU17 race
WU17 race
BU15 race
GU15 race
BU13 race
GU13 race
Wednesday 1st January New Year's Day Cliffe Castle parkrun
The Start
Laps 1 & 2
Top of the Hill album 1
Top of the Hill Album 2
The Finish