Woodentops Races

That's all Folks !!!

The Stoop & the Auld Lang Syne this year will be the last races we organise, after well over 30 years it's come time to say 'That's all Folks!' Don't worry we will still be organising the Yorkshire senior and junior champs, Inter County teams and taking photos of you all enjoying and sweating on the hills, mountains, bogs and Dales we all love. So expect to still see us out and about encouraging you all whether you're having a good day or a bad day. Our website will be in archive mode for the races we have organised and will change colour from the Woody Woodpecker colours to the famous Yorkshire blue and white after our final race The Auld Lang Syne. The website will be for our photos and for fell running in our beloved county Yorkshire.
Don't worry about the races you will notice that in the 2018 FRA calendar the Woodentops races have new organisers, Wharfedale Harriers and its members will be taking on the races. They have assured us that they will keep the ethos and tradition of how all our races are run and keep the Woodentops fun element thriving.
Dave & Eileen Woodentops

Race When? Kids?
The Stoop Sun 17 Dec Quarry Runs
Auld Lang Syne Sun 31 Dec Sorry, no


Ee up, it's only 6 days to The Stoop! Stoop senior race now full, see entry list.

Auld Lang Syne entries now closed

Yorkshire Championships and other events 2018